Memorex TravelDrive I.D.


Gone are the days when we stored a couple of text documents on a floppy disk – these days we need a storage device with a huge capacity – and we still find ways to fill it. If you find you’ve got more than one device on the go, or you simply can’t recall what you dumped onto that flash drive two weeks ago, the Memorex TravelDrive I.D. could be of use.

It’s a drive you can label; rather like when you used to scribble details onto your old floppy discs. Except of course, this is 2006, so the labelling is a little more state-of-the-art. It uses an LCD screen, which displays the label, and rather helpfully, the amount of disk space left on your drive without the need to plug into a PC.

Labelling is easy – you simply right-click on the volume (if you’re using Windows) and you can change the name, though you are limited to a title of 11 characters. You can pick them up from the start of May, with a retails price of around £40 for the 512MB capacity drive and £60 for the 1GB drive.

Memorex website

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