Interview: Phil Sellick, Vividas' Technical Services Director


Want to know more about IPTV? Well Phil Sellick is your man then, because home-grown Vividas are leading developers of video streaming technology and just recently delivered the first full-screen, feature length movie across the internet before it even went to a cinema.

What does the future hold for IPTV, how does High Defintion fit in and will TV On Demand someday see the end to traditional storage formats? Now’s your chance to post your questions before we send them over to him – drop them in the comments and we’ll pick out a few to ask the man himself.

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  • dear Vividas director,
    Paul Neville
    Group Chief Executive

    you once had a man from usa try your vividas pay for view idea, his name was jose escamilla from TBLN.COM FILMS, this man i think has been very bad and taken some of the films that belong to john lenard walson see his film info link below.

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    please make note john lenard walson wants to have help and jose escamillar from
    you have helped has taken john walson films.

    remmber it was usa office that delt with
    New York, U.S.A
    1560 Broadway,
    10th Floor
    NY 10036
    tel +1 212 2017900
    fax +1 212 2017901

    please read this info
    Alien spacecraft – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A man named John Lenard Walson developed a unique technique to film extremely
    accurate footage of these objects which are currently orbiting Earth and the …
    read down at end of page
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    becuase john lenard walson has not been paid any money for his films of space objects that are used in the intersteller movie the intersteller movie has only 10 percent film in it and there are no films of 2 space crafts in space but if you go to The Real Star Wars and much that is not in the intersteller movie.
    this web page you can see two space crafts.
    john lenard had to sell his hd cam to pay bills, but the man that made intersteller movie said he would pay john lenard walson but he has not.
    Fiction compared with Fact. Showing Space Shuttle, Moon, Jupiter, Satellites and much more.
    This is also quite interesting.
    These guys at Cambridge University are starting to use “Lucky” astro photography.
    There is more to this than luck though. They have a 200″ telescope and John Lenard Walson is able to film better images with his 8″ telescope.
    There is some very interesting information here although I have reason to believe that john lenard walson has 90 % more film that no person has ever seen.
    yours J L W 🙂

  • Why does the Vividas player download from the Sony pictures site, with the Ghost Rider trailer keep crashing my computer every time I attempt to view it?

  • When do you think movies from all major studios be available in the UK for download/streaming from one single provider?
    Will the pricing model be cheaper than the DVD Rental by Post services that are currently available?

  • How much bandwidth does it require to stream HDTV over IPTV 10 meg? 12 Meg? Cos if so it will be forever before most Britons have connections at that speed

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