How to make your own World Cup single


Once, making a World Cup record was simple. Get a well-known middling pop act of the day (in Scotland’s case, this was always B.A. Roberton), write a catchy chorus, then get the squad to belt it out. Throw in a Top Of The Pops appearance with players all dressed in casual sweaters for the occasion and you’re top 10. It was a cert because you were the only act with a World Cup record.

Not anymore. The folks over at Who Ate All The Bratwurst reckon you can make your own World Cup hit in just 10 easy steps, thanks to the advent of broadband technology. Get it right and you’ll have the crowd singing along over the summer, not to mention the cash rolling in. Get it wrong? Well, no-one remembers the also-rans.

Want to know how you can make it big in pop on the back of a novelty hit? Head over to Who Ate All The Bratwurst for the 10 steps that could change your life.

Dave Walker
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One thought on “How to make your own World Cup single

  • The Angry Kid and the Flaming Choppers one, Handbags, is a bit good, the whole thing needs a bit of comedy 🙂
    Looking forward to the release…
    good work, chaps and choppers

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