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Deep down, all football fans are nerds. We can’t simply enjoy a kick around for 90 minutes – we need to know everything from how many corners and free kicks each team has had to what the goalie had for his pre-match meal. It’s probably the fault of those Panini albums we all had as kids. Thing is, we can now do it in a more hi-tech way than buying packs of stickers, we can download programs for out PDAs.

FIFA World Cup 2006 from Sharko should be enough for any "statto". It’s a tool for compiling statistics of matches through both the qualifying rounds and final stages of the competition. All facts are available from the 6 continental zones, with details of the groups in each zone – and all matches. Details of the final stages are already inputted and ready for the start of the competition.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even details of the last three competitions available in the "History" section, so you can be the "know all" in the pub with just a glance of your PDA screen.

Available for any Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC or Pocket PC Phone edition, you can download the application for around $3.

And if you still want more, don’t forget, you can get a daily dose of everything World Cup from Who Ate All The Bratwurst.

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