Propellerhead Top Tip

No doubt you have crossed swords with Word’s automatic Bullets and Numbering feature, which seems to pop up when you don’t want it. Nevertheless if you are a fan of bulleted and numbered lists then you may not know that you are not limited to the plain round bullets, in fact this simple Propellerhead tip shows you how you can use just about any character or symbol you like for bullet points, you can even use clipart images or photographs. To make the change go to Bullets and Numbering on the Format menu, select a style then click either the Picture or Customize button. The former leads you into a clipart browser whilst Customize takes you to another dialogue box from where you can choose a bullet from the Symbol font lists. Once you’ve chosen your new symbol just use the Bullet or Number icon on the toolbar in the usual way. For even more great word tips pop over to the BootLog website at

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