DS Web Browser due in June

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Opera has often differentiated itself by making browsers for more alternitive platforms and the new Nintendo DS browser looks to be no exception. It is due out in Japan in June – no word on a European release yet sadly.

It comes on an ordinary DS card and looks set to cost 3800 Yen (a little less than £20). Obviously it connects using the DS’ built in wireless connection. Opera has made sure the navigation is tailored to the DS interface; you can choose between two modes – fit-to-width and DS mode. Fit-to-width just resizes the page to spread across two screen where as DS mode lets you navigate around an overview on the lower screen whilst the top screen remains at full proportions.

You can also input website addresses using a handwriting recognition tool and the console’s stylus. This is in fact already compatible with Japanese and English characters so getting the browser over to the UK shouldn’t pose too much of challenge.


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