Cutie Photo Storage


Designed for backing up images from a digital camera, this Sarotech Cutie Photo Storage is much more than that – it’s a back up solution for all your portable devices, which might come in useful if you don’t have regular access to a PC.

The Cutie is essentially a pocket HDD with an 80GB capacity and built-in power source (a rechargeable battery), along with a 128 x 128 4Gray LCD screen. Using the USB connector, you can back up and organise photos, movies and music from  a range fo entertainment devices – cameras, music players, even your Sony PSP. It also has slots for reading all commonly-used memory cards. If you’re in a hurry, it can back up data from three sources at a time.

It’s also got a power saving automatic shutdown, a lock function to stop accidental erasing of data and a carry case to protect the unit whilst in transit.

Weighing in at 185g, you can pick up a Cutie Photo Storage unit for around £99.

Sarotech website

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