Casio World Cup referee's watch


It’s amazing how much technology is playing a part  in the forthcoming World Cup. We’ce already covered the World Cup ball – and now we have the watch worn by all referees this summer in Germany.

It’s designed by Casio, who are official sponsors when it comes to watches. This model will be supplied to all referees at the World Cup – but if you want to check his timing, you can pick one up yourself. The RFT-100WC Referee Timer has specially-designed functions that make reffing a doddle – there’s an easy to operate Start/Stop button and a large LCD screen, just in case the referee really is blind. The watch also features a dual stopwatch function that can easily record stoppage time.

And if the crowd noise gets a bit much during that South Korea v Togo match, there’s even a vibration function so the ref knows when the whistle should be blown.

You can pick up the Casio RFT-100WC Referee Timer now for around £40.

Casio website

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