Back up your data online – for free


Friends – you can’t live without them, especially if you want to back up your data for free with  BuddyBackup from Databarracks.

BuddyBackup is free software, which allows computer users to backup data, photos, music or indeed anything else you have on a PC to another person’s machine securely across the net. BuddyBackup can keep multiple copies of important data securely and remotely on any Windows XP based machine. Data is encrypted and compressed before being sent over the net and can only be viewed by the user whose data it is.

Whilst there are benefits to such a system, I’m not sure I’d have too many friends who would be willing to let me drop me digital music collection on their hard drive. I imagine most would tell me to go out and buy some kind of external back-up device – or something far less polite. Strangely (and probably with this in mind), Databarracks has also added a forum to their site, so that those anyone without a buddy to back up with can find a suitable partner.

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