Xbox 360 shortages over?


Microsoft’s Xbox overlord, Peter Moore, promised us
a little over a month ago that the Xbox 360 shortages problem had been
solved and that the consoles might actually make it on to store shelves for
the first time since their November launch instead of selling out

True to its word, Microsoft has announced that “two to
three times the number of Xbox 360 consoles” will be being distributed
to retailers this week.

I’ve been phoning round and whilst a few stores have a number of Core
systems in stock, the full packages are still in short supply. Some
are expecting deliveries this afternoon so I’ll check back and let you
know if there any sudden stock boosts or whether this miraculous supply
recovery is for the US only.

via Gamasutra

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Update: Well none of the retailers I spoke to seemed to be inundated with consoles although there are definately a few floating about.

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