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Heading to the World Cup? Taking your mobile? It should work without any problems if you have roaming set up, but the bill to text and call your mates (not to mention receiving both) in Germany might come as a nasty shock when you get back.

One enterprising firm has a way of getting round that – use a pre-paid German sim card. The card, from Gosim, means you’ll not pay to receive calls or texts and you’ll pay less to keep in touch with your mates abroad – the company claims you’ll make a saving of up to 72%.

Gosim’s World Cup sim package costs £24.99, which includes a German pre-paid  SIM card, 10 Euros of calls plus a free ringtone and ‘Three Lions’ screensaver. Personally, I could do without the screensaver and ringtone and it isn’t going to work on all phones, but possibly worth a look if you’re heading over this summer.

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