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Yes, the floodgates have well and truly opened. After yesterday’s St George’s iJacket, football fans are now being tempted by these K1000 portable speakers featuring the national flag.

According to manufacturers Minispeakers, this portable sound system offers a "strictly full-size stereo experience from virtually any audio device". A bold claim for a pair of 2w speakers. They use 3x AAA batteries, which provide up to 22 hours playback, or you can power them via USB or an adaptor (not included).

Design-wise, they’re not bad at all. The speakers fold up like a clamshell for ease of carrying and the input cable is built into the sides of the speakers to save on space, so when you have finished you simply fold them away and pop them into their own travel pouch. There is just one problem – that England logo. Even if I bought into the idea of England speakers, I’d expect a better quality design than a small flag with the word ‘England’ tagged on underneath – it just looks like a half-hearted after thought.

But if the design does it for you, you can pick up the portable speakers for around £25.

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