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We’ve gone from portable TVs to pockets TVs, now TV on your mobile should be next to make a real mark. But where will it go after that? One company believes TV through a pair of glasses is already becoming reality.

These aren’t Star Trek style visors, but frames just like your sunglasses. MicroEmissive Displays is currently shipping eyescreen technology with a display measuring less than one-quarter of a square centimetre – smaller than the average human iris. Designed for mobile TV and based on super-fast P-OLED technology, eyescreens offer blur-free video using almost zero power to deliver continuous video entertainment to a new generation of wirelessly video glasses.

Optic companies are well advanced on the refractive technology to enable you to see through the image on the move, and wireless data transfer of video will become reality with Bluetooth 2.0. Which should mean the first generation of truly wearable videoglasses could be available as early as 2007.

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