Tosh debuts HD DVD laptop the Qosmio G30

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Big news for UK PC fans today as Toshiba has announced the arrival of the first PC to be kitted out with a HD DVD drive. Regular Tech Digesters will know that HD DVD is one of two formats competing to become the optical disk format of the future – a kind of DVD for the high def era. Rival Blu-ray recorders for PCs are on their way, but it looks like the Toshiba Qosmio G30, which launches in April for £2300, will get there first.

Qosmios are Tosh’s high end AV oriented laptops and come complete with a TV tuner, digital video recorder etc and the G30 packs all these plus a top-end 1-bit digital amplifier (a world first for a PC apparently). It runs using Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition 2005. The HD DVD drive means that users can transfer content/data on to disc with a huge capacity of 30 Gigabytes, This means that user will be able to house high def movies on discs as well as playback HD mobiles on pre-recorded HD DVDs.

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