Slimline Outlook Express

Propellerhead Top Tip

Here are a few quick tips from Propellerhead to tidy up the Outlook Express desktop and make it easier to use. You should know by now what all of the icons and buttons do, so switch off the text labels and use small icons and you get an instant increase in screen area for your messages and mailboxes. Simply right-click on a toolbar and select Customize and in the two drop-down boxes (Text Options and Icon Options) select No text labels and Small Icons respectively. Click Close. There’s more savings still to be had. Click on the vertical separator bar on the far left of the Icon toolbar and drag it onto empty space on the menu bar (to the right of Help).


To round off, here’s a couple of quick time-savers, instead of mousing
your way to the Send/Receive button a dozen times a day just remember
the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + M for Send/Receive. You can also save
mouse/wrist strain when switching between folders by using the keyboard
shortcut Ctrl + Y For even more great Tips, for Word, Windows and all of your favourite applications head over to the BootLog website at

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