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You know what a pain it can be trying to access a Wap site you’ve never visited before. Well the pain may not last much longer if a mobile barcode solution developed jointly by Netsize and Abaxia catches on.

Mobile Marketing Magazine reports that the two companies have developed a global smart barcode reader solution called MobileTag, that can provide mobile users with instant access to dynamic and personalized SMS services and mobile internet sites.

MobileTag is an embedded application that enables camera-phones to read and decipher data matrix prints, known as ‘Tags’, which appear as a small square symbol that can be inserted into any text on a paper document, on television, or into any kind of advertisement.
So when you see a Tag on a poster, or in an ad. in a magazine or on a bus stop, all you do is take a photo of it with your camera-phone, and it takes you straight to whatever content the advertiser has linked to the Tag, maybe a Wap site with more information about the product in question, a money-off mobile coupon, free ringtone, or whatever. Sounds cool to us.

Get the full story here.  And a great  demo here.

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