Samsung unveils HD Ready CRT


And we thought HDTV was a cunning ploy by TV makers to get us to upgrade to flat screen sets. Apparently not… Samsung has revealed a brand new CRT set at CeBIT this year: it sports an HDMI input and that all-important HD Ready sticker.

Most companies have been steering away from traditional CRT format, instead choosing to push Plasmas and LCDs heavily, despite CRT’s ability to provide clearer pictures and cost a whole lot less than its flat screen rivals. In future CRT is set to make a major comeback in an indirect kind of way. Highly anticipated SED sets, which promise a great improvement over LCD picture quality, should start being manufactured next year.

For the time being however, Samsung has managed to cut down on the bulk that often plagues large CRT TV sets, making these SlimFit TVs about 30% thinner than has previously been possible. We should see the HD Ready CTV-32Z30 hitting UK shelves in May for a very reasonable £350.

via The Register

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