Pro Elmo puppet


I can’t say I ever really took to Elmo on Sesame Street – probably because I’m of an age that remembers Grover, the poor puppet who got shunted off to the Muppet Retirement Home to make way for the new kid on the block. But I’m guessing I’m in a minority judging by the amount of merchandise out there relating to the cute character.

Amongst all that tat, the folks over at Bayraider seem to have found something a little more exclusive – a Pro Elmo puppet. This ain’t no toy, as the seller points out, it’s a "professional quality rod-arm puppet featuring a form-fitting leather-lined hand grip, soft chamois thumbcap, poseable hands, constructed with a high-quality foam base and durable faux-fur." Master this and a summer season at Blackpool awaits.

Want to know more? Find out about this and other great auctions at Bayraider.

Dave Walker
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