Printing IE Favorites

Propellerhead Top Tip

Over at Propellerhead they’ve found an easy way to print out a list of your Internet Explorer Favorites, without the need for any extra software. Open IE and go to File > Import Export > Next, click Export Favorites then Next, then Next again and in the ‘Export to a File or Address’ box type ‘C:favprint.htm’ (without the quotes) then click Finish and OK. Now go to IE’s address bar and type ‘C:favprint.htm’. press Enter and your Favourites list will appear. You can print as-is, but if you also want to print the site addresses go to Print on the File menu, select the Options tab and check the item ‘Print table of links’, click the General tab and click the Print button. The web addresses will be printed after the Favorites list. Don’t forget there’s a veritable cornucopia of PC Top Tips on the BootLog website at

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