PlayStation 3 launches worldwide in November


Good news and bad news on the PlayStation 3 front. The bad news is a delay to the roll-out from the original March date to November. The good news for European fans is a simultaneous launch of the console in Japan, the US and in Europe.

The reason for the delay isn’t clear. Reports in Japan indicate it’s related to the Blu-ray drive. However, with a so-called ‘interim’ version of the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) copy-protection mechanism in place, the broader Blu-ray roll-out is due to go ahead in May.

Despite being one of Blu-ray’s biggest backers, Sony isn’t going to be first to market with a consumer player, indicating that they’re being cautious with the technology. Since there’s so much at stake with the PS3 than there is for a standalone machine, Sony obviously wants to spend more time with the optical disc system before releasing its console. Another reason for the delay could be to give Sony more time to build the console – avoiding the shortages of stock that have blighted the Xbox 360 since launch.

More news as we have it.

Via The Register

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