Pico FM Transmitter for iPods

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Yes, the idea of wirelessly transmitting your iPod through a radio or more specifically, a car stereo isn’t new – but as the practice is still illegal in the UK, it’s unusual for them to be marketed here. However, reading the small print, the Pico FM Transmitter is due to hit the market, but only when a forthcoming review of the UK legislation has taken place.

The Pico is an ultra-thin FM transmitter for use with any clickwheel iPod, but designed to connect perfectly with the iPod nano. It transmits whatever songs the iPod is playing to any car or home stereo via the radio function, without the need for any wires, software or setting changes.

The Pico uses the iPod’s LCD screen to display radio frequency information, making it extremely easy to tune a nearby radio into the same frequency. It can also be preset to two frequencies so that users can match car and home devices to pick up their iPod’s music automatically.

It’s got a price tag of £34.99, but as previously mentioned, will not go on sale until legislation surrounding radio transmissions is reviewed by the British Government.

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