Phlash to boost your camera phone

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If ever there was a nice idea that was a little ill thought out, then Phlash, a turbo-charged phone flash unit, is it.

Phlash is designed to boost the light when you take a snap on a camera phone. Photos on phones can suffer if your mobile has a small lens, poor built-in flash or you just happen to be out somewhere with very poor light. It all can mean a memory card full of grainy, poorly-defined images.

Phlash uses a bright LED to light up your subject or area – attach the unit to your camera and get a boost of brightness for your picture – 12 times brighter than most phone flashes. But here’s the problem. Phlash just sticks to your phone, it doesn’t interact with it. So you have to press it momentarily for a quick flash or hold it for sustained period of light. It all seems a little clumsy and seems to require considerable finger dexterity to use.

Still – if you need some extra light, it’s cheap enough at just under $20 to try out.

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