Mobiblu DAH-1900 MP3 player – 153 hours from one battery charge

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Ever get caught short – of battery power that is – when you’re out and about with your portable music player of choice? It might be worth considering MobiBlu’s DAH-1900 MP3 player, which claims to have the longest battery life of any on the market – up to 153 hours on a single battery charge.

To help conserve battery life, the DAH-1900 uses an OLED (Organic LED display), with the bright yellow and blue display offering two lines of text and two rows of icons on its 128 x 64 pixel resolution screen, which can be used to stream song lyrics, courtesy of an editable Auto Lyric system.

Also packed into the miniature case is an FM tuner and FM recorder backed by a timer function and alarm clock which can wake you up with radio or MP3 playback, along with a built-in microphone that acts as a voice recorder and a Direct Encoding function to record from external sound sources. The music player supports MP3, WMA and WMA DRM and there’s also 3D surround sound and bass enhancement to boost sound quality.

Available in both black and white and in 1GB and 2GB models, you can pick the DAH-1900 up for £125 and £159 respectively.

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One thought on “Mobiblu DAH-1900 MP3 player – 153 hours from one battery charge

  • I don’t know why all of you tlak about this mp3-player as beeing ugly. I like the design, it is extreamly stylish. The sound is very good, the battery also lasts for 2 months but I would like a screen saver for the oled display some oleds around the static areas ar not bright anymore as they used to be. When I power up the player, becouse at first all the oleds light up I can see a faded image of the main display (volume, progress bar… mp3 icon). I’m kind of worried becouse I only have this player for 2 months or so.

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