Lovefilm offers movie downloads for keeps


Leading film rental site Lovefilm has signed a deal with Universal Pictures to offer big movie titles for download via the AOL website – starting on April 10th with monster movie re-make King Kong.

What makes this different to other legal download sites is that these are for keeps – you can watch as often as you like on your PC and certain other portable devices. Sky’s free download service lets you watch the movie, but it’s deleted after a couple of weeks.

Around 30 other Universal films will also be made available for this Windows-only service, including Pride And Prejudice, The Bourne Supremacy, Love Actually, Nanny McPhee and Bridget Jones. The service isn’t without cost – at £19.99 for a hard copy plus 2 downloads, it’s a lot cheaper to go down to the shops and buy it – then watch your DVD downstairs and on your PC.

Lovefilm website

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