LG's Chocolate Phone heads to Europe

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Mobiles are as much a fashion accessory as a functional item – and LG is already hyping their new Chocolate phone (LG-KG80), as the one to be seen with when it comes to Europe in May.

They probably have some grounds for optimism – the phone is the market leader in Korea, having shifted around 300,000 units in the country since its launch. It has also won two European design awards – the iF Design Award and Red dot Design Award – for its looks.

But looks don’t only sell a phone – what’s under the bonnet that will make or break it over here. And details so far are very vague. LG has said that the model released in Europe will differ from the Korean model, without actually saying what the new specification will be. All we do know is that the phone will feature a ‘hidden’ LCD screen, along with touch-keypad controls that glow red when in use.

As soon as we get the full specification, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, enjoy the picture.

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