Interview: Sega Europe's President Mike Hayes


We’ve been lucky enough to  get the chance to speak to Sega Europe’s President Mike Hayes to kick start our brand spanking new interviews section. We’ll be speaking to the man himself on Monday but first we’d like to give you the chance to get the answers to the questions you’d like to ask.

Just let us know in the comments forum if there is anything you want to know about the history of Sega or what the future holds for the mighty games corporation. Watch this space for the full interview coming next week and keep an eye out for even more interviews with technology’s beautiful people in the coming weeks.

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  • Where is The interview ?

    we are waiting more than a week !!!
    and nothing about it !!!

  • Dear Sir,

    Will arcade Virtua Fighter 5 be released in the UK and West in general?

    Currently it appears a Japan only release but do Sega Amusements Europe have an idea as to whether it will be released here pending a decision by the Japanese parent company?

    Thankyou for any information you can provide.

  • Does Sega Europe have any plans to bring Shining Force Neo, Shining Tears and Shining Wind to the UK? If not, why not?

  • I think we can both agree that Shining Tears and Shining Force Neo were rather spectacular failures as far as sales went. However, it seemed that Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, a tactical RPG remake for a handheld, did quite better than the two hyped-up action RPG console games. My question is: will we see a true Shining Force tactical RPG in the near future, preferably on a console?

    Secondly, is there truth to the rumors that games on SEGA’s old consoles will be available for the Nintendo Revolution?

  • Do you think SONIC THE HEDGEHOG
    the next gen game for Xbox360 and PS3
    will break away from the poor 3D games
    like Sonic Heroes and Shadow.
    What are Sonic Team doing to make sure
    this game doesnt go tits up
    and turn into another childish
    let down?

    Sonic games work so much better in 2D
    then in 3D.
    Sonic Rush was a master peace
    where as Shadow and Sonic Heroes
    were a kick in the teeth to Sonic Fans.
    Is there any plans for a 2D sonic series
    like Sonic Rush on a Home console?

    I have read you plan to become the number 1
    games publisher,
    I want you to PROMISE the hole gamming
    community that you wont sell out to
    main stream GTA type games or Games based
    on Holly wood movies and so on.
    SEGA is respected for being a more
    hard core gamming company.
    If you sell out you’ll loose more REAL
    fans then you’l ever make again.

    Shenmue 3?
    Shining Force 4?
    Skies of Arcadia 2?

    European SEGA Forum?

  • Sega has been allowing other studios to make new versions of their classic games. Does this include the american Sega games of the nineties like Eternal Champions Ecco The Dolphin and Kid Chameleon or just the Japanese games? And will Sega ever release any of the Sammy games like Guilty Gear and more specifically Berserk to the west?

  • How will Sega balance it’s profitable, safe franchises with the more creative ones that made them who they are as innovators in a much more expensive, risky development market?

  • Will there be any consideration of bringing the Sakura Taisen games over to Europe? I feel this would be as popular as it is in japan and unofficialy all over the world yet the game has never made an official appearence outside of East Asia.

    Will any of the other Sega Ages remakes like Dragon Force and Fighting Vipers be localised in europe?

    Thank you for your time.

    I like the Sega Europe website and would love a forum via Sega City. Will this eventually happen?

  • HI, where’s Shenmue 3?
    Everyone at SEGA know this is the most wanted for game of all time so can we atleast get a clue?
    Thanks for your time.

  • i would like to add some questions :

    * is SEGA up to something in the next game developer confrence ?

    * are we going to see SEGA theater in E3 2006 like they did last year ?

    * what about MMO RPG gener ? is SEGA plan Big Things with this gener ?

    * a sequel for Nights , panzer dragoon , and Shenmue Please ?

  • When does SEGA plan on making the next 2D Sonic game?

    Any interest in reviving any dormant franchises?

    How does SEGA get in touch with those who support them?

  • Hi im a french sega fan and im very interested about the game Yakuza will it be subtitled in french? will you keep the japanese voices?

  • I want to know if there is any hope for a TRUE sequal to Phantasy Star IV on Genesis, not anymore PSO or PSU things, just a PSV, period.

    I’d also like to know what the plans are to bring the PS2 remakes of the Phantasy Star 1,2,4 to the west.

  • When will SEGA finally give the Virtua Fighter series the proper respect it deserves and place the game on every major console? this games needs to penetrate the market in a large way. It is clearly the best and most technical fighting game series ever made.

  • When will we get an Amy Rose game? She is being neglected and it is about time we get an Amy Rose game to represent the female demographic.

  • Are then any plans in SEGA Europe, to bring to Europe RD1/Smilbit successful Let’s Make A ….. Football management series of games to consoles .
    Also are there any plans to bring over SEGA Japan new football game WORLD FOOTBALL CLIMAX over to Europe.

    It’s a crying shame that Chihiro games like Ghost Squad and Virtua Cop III were never ported to the X-Box, even though it shared most of the Hardware and they was a gap in the market for these type of games.

    In the Future will SEGA Euope consider steeping in to port games like this (or more so the new Lindberg stuff) ,even if SEGA Japan does not. Kind of like what SEGA Euope did with Out Run (for which I so thankful for) .

    Why has SEGA not made better use of LIVE Arcade . Ports of SEGA System 32 and 16 games could be great money spinners . As could Live Arcade versions of Power Drift and Streets Of Rage II, with full online gameplay. Is anybody in SEGA Europe looking into bringing SEGA rich back catalogue of Arcade and Mega Drive classics to LIVE Arcade

    Cheers TA

  • Do you think SEGA and a Merge with
    Capcom or Tecmo
    is ever likely to happen?

    When Will SEGA see that
    we don’t want games like Shining Force Neo
    in the Shining Series,
    When Will you kiss and make up with Camelot
    and co-develope
    a good new Shining FORCE game like Shining Force 3?

    Will We see more games along the lines
    of Shenmue and Yakuza comming from SEGA?
    How about Virtua Fighter RPG
    made like Shenmue?
    This would make everyones day!

    Why hasnt Skies of Arcadia 2 been announced
    AND how about a Skies of Arcadia MMORPG?
    Sky Pirates with Clan Islands FTW!

    Any News on SEGA at E3
    and SEGAs joint projects with
    bizzare creations, Silicon Knights?

    Why not port the Online game
    Pocket Kingdom: Own the world
    that was made for the Ngage?

    Will we ever see a decent Shinobi Game
    as good as Ninja gaiden
    maybe mixed with Devil May Cry?

    PSU for all next Gen consoles with linked
    Servers? PLEASE??

    SEGA Europe Forum Please!

  • When is Shining Force 3 scenarios 2 & 3 coming to Europe in english? (Sega Saturn Games)

    When is Shining Chronicle coming to Europe in english? mobile game
    (FOMA900/901 Series Mobile Phone)

    do you know if they are planing another type of RPG’s for sega consoles?

  • When is Shining Force 3 scenarios 2 & 3 coming to Europe in english? (Sega Saturn Games)

    When is Shining Chronicle coming to Europe in english? mobile game
    (FOMA900/901 Series Mobile Phone)

    do you know if they are planing another type of RPG’s for sega consoles?

  • When is Shining Force 3 scenarios 2 & 3 coming to Europe in english? (Sega Saturn Games)

    When is Shining Chronicle coming to Europe in english? mobile game
    (FOMA900/901 Series Mobile Phone)

    do you know if they are planing another type of RPG’s for sega consoles?

  • I have a couple of questions:
    -When is Phantasy Star Universe coming to Europe in english?
    -Is Sonic the Hedgehog coming for XBox 360 first or simulatenously on 360 and PS3?
    -Will Virtua Fighter 5 come to XBox 360?
    -Any clue about the next E3 Sega showing?
    -Will Yakuza be dubbed or just subbed?
    -Will Sumo Digital develop a good Shinobi game for the Xbox 360?
    -Any major offline, Skies of Arcadia-like RPG?
    I would apreciate any info on this.

  • SEGA went through a rough patch after the
    DreamCast, Now that SEGA seems to be back
    on its feet money wise
    SEGA needs to prove to the gamming community they can still make great games
    that are fun and innovative.
    How will SEGA shake off the bad reputation?

    Why are there no SEGA advertisments in
    Europe are there any plans for future advertisments?

    When will we hear news on the new European Raceing Studio?
    Like IPs they have and which games
    they are planning.

    Will SEGA of Europe be buying and/or
    Mergeing more European Companys in the future? If so what do you think of
    these great European companys?
    Lion Head Studio, (Fable,Black&White)
    bizarre creations, (Project Gotham series)
    Team 17,(Worms)

    Sonic Games are kind of the weakest point
    in the SEGA line up these days,
    As SEGAs Mascot Sonic should be one of the
    better game series.
    Sonic back in the day had attitude,
    These days its more like a power ranger
    episode mixed with pokemon.
    Whats with all the Cheesy Scripts
    and rubbish guitar rifs?
    2 words, Target Audience,
    Sonic shouldnt be targeted at children
    Most of the old Sonic fans are grown up now
    The games need to be a bit more mature
    if not, just not really cheesy and lame.
    This does not mean giving Sonic a gun,
    Who came up with that crap?!

    When will SEGA of Europe open A Forum on its website?

    Thanks, Sharky.

  • Sega has just announced World Football Climax (PS2). Will it be released in Europe ?

  • is sega planning to buy another studio this year like they did with the creative assembly?

  • Some time last year I heard a rumour that since second hand sales of Dreamcasts on e-bay etc are doing so well, and they are releasing new games for it in Japan – Sega were considering relaunching the dreamcast (megadrive/mastersystem II style).

    Is this true, if not, please?

  • now owned by Sammy, the structure seems to have changed with amusement leading the way – afterburner climax and virtua fighter 5 leading products, while consumer – though still important – seems lifeless; waiting for xb360?

    my question is now that sega amusement has started to turn PC games into arcade games (ford racing full blown) using outside teams is Sega’s consumer teams internationally in danger?

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