Interview: Electrolux's home of the future


Pssst. Want to a sneak preview of the home of the future? Well predicting how tomorrow’s homes will look is the full time job of Andy Mackay from Electrolux and later this week he is going to tell us whether we will all have robot vacuum cleaners, intelligent lighting systems and baths that automatically start running the second you walk through the door.

So send us your questions – add them to the comments section – and we’ll put them to him later this week

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  • How many robots will we have in our home? Will there be one that does everything? Or are we going to have loads of domestic appliances with robots intergrated within them?

  • Who really buys robot vacuum cleaners and why would you use one? My guess is that it’s people with too much money who want to show off to dinner party guests, but then never use the thing. Surely a centralised vacuuming system should be the main requirement of a truly intelligent home. I’ve seen a few and it’s a lot less clutter and a lot more efficient. Just plug a long hose straight into the wall (each room has one)and the dust gets sucked out to a big bin in the basement. No bags, no cable and nothing for the dog to trip over.

  • Obviously it would be nice if our homes could monitor our every moves and be one step ahead of us, such as turning lights on and off as we enter rooms etc. But how do potential privacy issues affect the design of digital homes of the future?

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