Hard disk health check


Your average PC is a box made up of various components – all of them replaceable at varying cost if they pack up and die. I say all, but there is one exception – your data. It’s so easy these days to back up your machine with large capacity storage devices falling in price and growing in size constantly. But many of us don’t do it.

If you can’t be bothered backing up, you probably need at least some notification that your drive is about to die. Thankfully, Propellerhead have found something that does just that. A freeware utility called HD Tune will your hard drive it a thorough MOT, checking everything from its temperature and overall useage to the condition of your clusters. If it flags up a problem, it will give you time to do that long overdue back-up.

Find out about this and much more for your PC at Propellerhead.

Dave Walker
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