Fujifilm FinePix F30 and V10 digital cameras


Two more digital cameras new to the market from Fuji in the form of the FinePix F30 and FinePix V10.

The 6.3MP FinePix F30 Zoom with 2.5-inch LCD and 10MB internal memory is designed to get results in light conditions that other cameras hate, delivering crisp images even at night-time, or with fast-moving subjects. The F30 Zoom is the world’s first digital compact camera to deliver ISO 3200 sensitivity at full resolution,  making it possible to capture top quality images, even in very dark conditions. In addition, it boasts a 500-shot battery life between charges.

The attractive FinePix V10 Zoom features a large 3-inch LCD screen, whilst remaining fairly small in size. The camera has a 5.1MP Super CCD HR sensor and 3.4x optical zoom, equivalent to 38 – 130mm on a traditional camera. It also includes Fujifilm’s Real Photo Technology, offering sensitivity of ISO 1600 for photography in low light conditions, and a low sensitivity setting of ISO 64 for ultra high-quality photography in bright daylight.

No price set as yet for the F30, but the V10 should retail for around £250.

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Dave Walker
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