Cebit 2006: V-Gear TalkCam Beauty

CeBIT 2006, Computers

I don’t use webcams – I’m very much of the opinion that I don’t look my best most of the time I sit in front of the PC, so why inflict that on the rest of the world? However, all that could change if the V-Gear TalkCam Beauty likes up to its wild promises.

It’s something of a miracle worker, claiming to improve your flat skin tone with the aid of the "One Button BeautyMode", which will allegedly make you look "as stunning beautiful as a movie star" in seconds. There’s four different skin modes for you to employ – white, super-white, normal and finally bronze, for that David Dickinson look the ladies love.

Bundled with V-Gear LiveShow (which adds captions to your webcam image) and V-Gear BEE software to convert your camera to a security device, it’s available in the second half of this year for $39. A small price to pay for a total makeover, I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Dave Walker
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