CeBIT 2006: Jabra reveals new products for music lovers

CeBIT 2006, Mobile phones, MP3 players

Presumably after years of trying to convince us Brits that it’s ok to wander around talking to yourself using a Bluetooth headset, Jabra has decided to change tack slightly and reveal some products for music lovers. This seems pretty sensible given the increasing number of MP3 players and music phones out there, many of which come with sub-standard packaged headphones.

Amongst its new line-up are the new BT325s: a pair of ordinary earphones but with an integrated Bluetooth headset. This means that you plug the 3.5mm jack straight into your player to listen to your tunes but, when your phone rings, your music will cut out so you can take the call. The BT325s will run for about 8 hours between charges and have helpfully been weather-proofed against the elements.

The BT620s are designed for the latest A2DP enabled phones, such as the greatly improved Motorola ROKR E2. These wireless headphones let you stream music straight from your phone and, when a call comes in, the music is paused automatically. A single charge gives a whopping 14 hours of play time and 16 hours of talk time. Either that or 240 hours of standby time. These will set you back £70.

If you already own a Bluetooth headset, neither of the above are much good to you, so Jabra has helpfully revealed a couple of gadgets that add Bluetooth functionality to your music devices. The A120s Bluetooth adapter plugs into anything with a 3.5mm socket, such as an MP3 player, and streams straight to you headset. The A125s is specifically designed for the iPod, including mini, nano and photo versions.

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