Birth of the Supersite


Despite the existence of 75.8million websites (and 6 billion pages), we’ve stopped browsing, if research published today by Directgov is to be believed. Instead, over half of us visit just six or less sites regularly – referred to as Supersites. According to the survey, a Supersite should be trusted, tried and tested, familiar and reliable. Rather like Tech Digest, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Armed with this research, the UK  government is launching what it hopes will be the next Supersite – Directgov, which can be used by the public for everything from renewing their driving licence, car tax or passport to finding out about local schools, childminders and recycling.

The site is now online. Nice idea and saves you a lot of searching around the web. But in terms of website look and usability, it certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

Visit the Directgov website

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