Apple sues Apple in the High Court

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The ongoing trademark tussle between the Beatles’ Apple Corporation and Apple Computers rears its head in the UK High Court this week, with the Apple Corporation claiming damages of several million pounds over an alleged breach of a previous settlement over Apple’s activities in music.

Previous deals have allowed Apple Computers to continue using the Apple name – but only if it stayed out of the traditional music selling business. The problems arise over digital music trading, which wasn’t around at the time of the 1989 settlement. The case will be heard by Mr Justice Mann, who appears to understand the concept after admitting to being an iPod owner himself.

The latest dispute began in September 2003, when Apple Corps decided to sue its namesake "over the use…of the word "Apple" and apple logos in conjunction with its new application for downloading pre-recorded music from the Internet". Apple Computers failed in a bid to have the case heard in a California court after Justice Mann rejected its argument that it should be held in the USA as this was where the two companies struck the original name-sharing agreement.

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  • if we can not keep our agreements in spirit as well as the letter, have we grown too greedy or do we attept to change the meaning of a word called integrity? does the ‘responsibility to shareholders’ justify taking the gleanings of the field?

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