A Bluetooth Snake for the car

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It’s illegal, but people are still at it. Yes, talking on your mobile is still rife, but it might change when getting caught means points on your licence. Why not make an effort to change your ways with one of the numerous hands-free devices on the market – like the newly-unveiled Snake.

The Snake from Finnish firm Iqua, features a built-in microphone and speaker and is easy to use and install. It can be attached to the headrest of the car seat, with the Snake adjusting to fit your height perfectly and to improve the quality of your audio. It offers up to 10 hours talk time and 300 hours standby between charges.

And being in black leather and and brushed metal, it will fit in with the interior of most cars. It should be available in the UK in the very near future. As yet we haven’t got a confirmed price.

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Dave Walker
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