Thomson's 5 button Gyration mouse


If you don’t think you are getting good value from your standard 2 button mouse, why not try the new Gyration wireless optical mouse from Thomson – it’s got 5 buttons and even works when you wave it through the air.

The Gyration can be used up to 30 feet away from the PC, whilst 80 frequencies, 800 virtual channels and auto channel selection ensure there’s no interference. With five buttons and a scroll wheel all on the one device, the Gyration mouse gives you more control over popular features and functions. In addition, the motion-sensing technology gives more access to common features by a ‘swipe’ of the mouse or click of a button.

The package features the mouse, USB RF receiver, desktop charging cradle with AC power, software and a rechargeable NiMh battery.

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One thought on “Thomson's 5 button Gyration mouse

  • We have this mouse at work and I must say I love it. Wave it in the air or place it on the table as a normal mouse. I tought the wave thing wouldn’t work, but hey, it’s great!

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