The GPS golf caddy


For years, the nearest that technology has come to the golf course has to be the motorised trolley. Then came the solar-powered golf bag. Now GPS is available to give you an unfair advantage on the course, courtesy of the sureshotgps.

The sureshotgps from Tee2Green is like having a professional caddy in your bag. It’s a small, handheld range finder that uses GPS to determine distances around the golf course; either to the hole or to hazards or boundaries on the course. It features a Sarantel GPS antenna – ideal for the job because of its small size, ability to detect low elevation satellites and performance when held close to the human body.

The sureshotgps is also packed with other handy little features like the ability to keep scores, recommended club selection, data storage for up to 10 courses and the ability to download game statistics to a PC, if you want to know where it all went wrong later.

It’s available from leading golf outlets for around £230.

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