The desk with built-in PC


Looking for a new computer? Need a new desk? Why not combine the two with a Powerdesk, believed to be the world’s first integrated desk and personal computer.

Two basic designs of the Powerdesk are available – the wood-based Barcelona and the steel, glass and wood Tokyo. Neither desk looks all that stylish – certainly no better than you can pick up in Ikea. But I guess the big selling point is what it does rather than how it looks.

What is does is cut down on clutter – the wiring and the hard drive are concealed within the desk leaving only the monitor on display. All of the controls, including a CD/DVD drive and USB ports, are embedded within the desktop, as is the sound system. I’d be worried about upgrading, but Powerdesk says it uses upgradeable PCs from leading manufacturers, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

Powerdesk Barcelona is available from £1250 and Tokyo from £1850. Bespoke options for both desk and PC are also available.

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