Sennheiser Four Series headphones


Headphones or earphones – which do you prefer? For sheer portability, it’s got to be earphones, but for comfort, a good pair of headphones really can’t be beaten. If you’re are in the market for some new headphones that don’t cost the earth, the Four Series from Sennheiser could be worth a look.

Admittedly, these aren’t closed-back headphones that block out background noise, but if you are sat in a less-than-noisy environment, both of these models feature an ultra-fast, low-mass dynamic driver that delivers "transparent sound" with a defined and extended smooth bass response. They also have the added bonus of being comfortable to wear and light enough to take with you on the move.

For the extra money, the HD 435 offers slightly better response, an integrated volume control, protective case and a detachable cable.

The Sennheiser HD 415 and HD 435 are available now for around £30 and £40 respectively.

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