Samsung P300 'calculator phone' arrives in UK in March


Sure to be a hit with retro-obsessed techies and also schoolies looking to smuggle mobiles into classrooms is the P300 calculator doppelganger from Samsung. At 3GSM, the horse’s mouth, also known as Yang-Hee Han – Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing – confirmed that the P300 would be arriving in the UK in March. Scarily skinny at just 8.9mm the handset comes with its own wallet type case which further enhances its calculator impersonation.

The other really cool bit about the case is that it can double as a phone charger and can power the P300 for up to two days. In spite of slim frame the phone also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera with flash, music player and video recording capabilities.

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  • i have got the samsung p300 but unfortunatly lost the software how would i go about gettin another disc so that i can load my pictures onto my laptop
    please get back to me asap
    many thanks

  • I have the P300 and I’m looking for informaiton on how to set up the browser using t-mobile. Through T-Mobile we have email working, but cannot get the browser to connect. It seems to reject the password info, but normally on other phones T-Mobile does not require this login info for their browser.

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks,

    Michael Zucker

  • That’s all very nice but I have been reading reviews from peopl ewho have one. I have been duped into ordering one from Phones2u as they advertise on their website that they have them in stock (when really they haven’t) so what I want to know is…where the hell can I get one????

    any help would be appreciated.

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