Microsoft announces details of Vista


Microsoft has announced it will release six versions of Vista – its re-working of the Windows operating system. There will be three for home users, two for business and one for emerging markets.

Vista Business will be the basic version for companies of all sizes and includes tools that will help organisations manage their PCs. The Enterprise version of Vista will have all of the features of the basic version, adding improved encryption including a BitLocker system that will stop confidential data being viewed if a computer is stolen.

The Home Basic version is intended for people who just want to use their PC for browsing the net, emailing and editing basic documents. Vista Home Premium has those features, plus a new graphical interface called Aero. It will also feature tools to organise and enjoy digital images, music and movies. PCs running the Premium edition will also be able to connect their machine to an Xbox 360 gaming console. Vista Ultimate has all the features of the business and home editions in one package. The Starter edition is a streamlined version intended for low powered PCs found in developing nations.

No prices or a release date has been given for the release of Vista but it is expected to be launched by the end of 2006.


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