London Toy Fair 2006: iPal

MP3 players

A couple of weeks back London had its annual Toy Fair. We sent intrepid freelancer and trainee Goth Danielle Pennington to check it out, and here’s her pick of what’s going to be big with the kids and their parents come December 2006.

Yet another iStep towards iWorldDomination, the iPal from Charactar Online is a set of speakers that works with your MP3 player as well as your CD player or stereo. Largely featureless save for a set of massive peepers, these are the kind of things that would keep me awake at night, never mind the kids. Most of them are furry and available in a range of garish colours, apart from this one which really caught my eye – clad in white PVC, with a glint in his enormous eye, this one appears to be some kind of gimp model. The message is loud and clear – you are iPod’s bitch.

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