Logic3's handheld for retro gaming


Is it a Sony PSP clone? Is it an update of Sega’s Game Gear? It’s neither – the GamesPower 50 from Logic3 is a handheld gaming device that takes its inspiration and gameplay from the past.

The GamesPower 50 is pitched squarely at the retro gaming market. An 8Bit gaming device with a 2.5″ colour TFT screen, (fairly) small and lightweight and without the need to carry games with it because they’re all pre-loaded. Yes, all 50 of them – driving, archery, racing, darts, pool, warfare and quizzes – from the days when gameplay was more important than flashy graphics. Which is just as well, as they didn’t have flashy graphics. You can also connect it to your TV for a full-screen game via a standard TV-out cable.

Available in either red or blue and powered by three AAA batteries, you can pick the GamesPower 50 up for around £40.

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Dave Walker
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