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There’s a generally held opinion that a fixed BT line is cheaper for calls, but if you are a heavy user and choose the right package, you might be able to make a saving using one of the mobile operators for the bulk of your calls. It’s a limited market I’d say – but it’s the one that Burnside are chasing with their Desktop Mobile Phone.

The phone could also be a good solution if you need to set up a temporary line or you can’t fit a BT line, offering a fixed location to make and receive calls, so homes or offices can list its number and callers don’t have to guess who is at the location before making a call.

The Desktop Mobile Phone works on all four mobile UK networks and uses a standard SIM card slot. On top of calls, you can compose SMS messages with it and view incoming through the large display. It also features speed dialling, a 100-entry phone book, call register and a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery.

You can pick one up for around £149 excluding delivery and VAT.

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