Audio emails for Valentines


Ok, you had no time to pick up any flowers, the card shop had closed when you got out of work and all the restaurants were booked up. If you haven’t got anything lined up for Valentines, an e-card could be a last desperate attempt at affection – or how about an email playing your favourite song?

Over at Propellerhead, you can find out how to add sound to an email composed in Outlook Express that will play automatically as soon as it is opened. you can even specify how many times it is played, or set it to play continuously. Your audio email could be a rough and ready sound recording you’ve made yourself, or it could be something more sophisticated, recorded from your favourite CD. Either way, it’ll not make up for you forgetting the big day, thought it might soften the blow slightly.

For easy step-by-step advice on creating your audio email, visit Propellerhead.

Dave Walker
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