3GSM 2006: Seagate launches 12GB 1-inch hard drive

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Seagate’s drives just keep getting smaller – and capacity keeps getting larger. At the 3GSM, they have announced their latest hard drive, the ST1.3 Series 12GB 1-inch hard drive,  which enables more audio and video within mobile devices.

The new ST1.3 Series drive is 23% smaller than Seagate’s current 1-inch drive, but using perpendicular technology, packs in 50% more storage capacity with 30% less power consumption. It also offers a new optional drop sensor for increased robustness – Seagate claims the drive can survive a 1.5m drop onto hard concrete when used in a handheld device. The drive’s new size, 40x30x5 mm, allows for more streamlined media players product designs and fits nicely into current clamshell and candy-bar style mobile handsets.

What does this all mean? Well, mobile firms can easily fit in a 12GB drive into new mobile models when the drive is launched in the third quarter of 2006. Somehow I think we’ll be saying goodbye to those storage cards sooner rather than later.

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Dave Walker
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