World Cup and Discovery to broadcast in HD?

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Football made Sky and the World Cup could be the making of HD. The BBC is making positive noises about screening the World Cup in high definition and has confirmed to HDTVUK that it is in talks with both Sky and Telewest to trial top-level HD sports during the summer. Get the full story from HDTVUK.

One HD certainty, as previously predicted by HDTVUK, is that documentary channel Discovery has signed up for Sky’s upcoming HD service. That makes eight HD channels so far in the Sky package. For details of the others and what you can expect to see on the new Discovery HD channel, visit HDTVUK.

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  • It is too bad that I have purchsed both HDTV an HD receiver but no broadcast is transmitting anything in HD.I live in Dubai.

  • I have it on very good authority that the words ‘HD’, ‘the World Cup’, and ‘you guys are toast if you don’t get it launched in good time for’ are frequently appearing in the same conversations in the Osterley area. Makes perfect sense really – there isn’t another logical ‘hook’ to hang it on.

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