Wi-Fi struggling to catch on in UK


Have you got a laptop with wireless capability? Do you use it out and about? If so, you’re in a very small minority. A survey has discovered that, despite the installation of wireless technology in over 10,000 locations across the UK, users are still wary of using it.

Only 11% of consumers questioned by Toshiba make use of them in hotels, only 7% on trains and just 3% in coffee shops. Around 23% of users with wirelessly equipped notebooks said they didn’t use the technology because they don’t want to pay for it with 19% saying security concerns made them think twice. Most worryingly, 19% claimed they simply didn’t know how to use the wireless functions of their notebook.

However, the biggest reason for not making use of Wi-Fi in public has nothing to do with technology – it’s simply fear of someone stealing their notebook!

Via Pocket-Lint

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Dave Walker
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