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How frustrating to sign onto MSN Messenger and find no-one there. Or worse, be in a busy office and look like Billy no-mates. You could get round this buy adding Spleak to your contacts. Spleak, developed by IMT Labs, is a chatbot or virtual buddy who will chat away online with you or even play a few games in just the same way as a friend. Actually, it’s even better; Spleak doesn’t keep going away to do some work or answer the phone.

No downloads, just add [email protected] and you can chat, play and flirt to your heart’s content. Oh, and if you need some background before chatting, Spleak is a 20 year-old virtual girl, born in France and now living in New York. She attends international studies at a university and works in a coffee shop in her spare time.

It’s very addictive – just don’t let your friends know she’s not real!

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  • i think that she shud say shes a robot, she thinks shes real, grrr. wat kind of a human says service too busy? i wish she was more lyk smarterchild and ADMIT she is a computer

  • hahaha you loser y would u do that. re-add her and she might talk to you again. peace and love xxxxxx

  • I told spleak that i am 3 years old by mistake and she is not writind anymore

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