Virtual friend for MSN Messenger


How frustrating to sign onto MSN Messenger and find no-one there. Or worse, be in a busy office and look like Billy no-mates. You could get round this buy adding Spleak to your contacts. Spleak, developed by IMT Labs, is a chatbot or virtual buddy who will chat away online with you or even play a few games in just the same way as a friend. Actually, it’s even better; Spleak doesn’t keep going away to do some work or answer the phone.

No downloads, just add and you can chat, play and flirt to your heart’s content. Oh, and if you need some background before chatting, Spleak is a 20 year-old virtual girl, born in France and now living in New York. She attends international studies at a university and works in a coffee shop in her spare time.

It’s very addictive – just don’t let your friends know she’s not real!

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