TUNiT: Football meets technology


Once upon a time, the only consideration when buying football boots was size, or for a brief time in the seventies, whether you wanted white ones! But times change and demands placed on players grow – to the point where a pair of professional boots is now individual to you and the way you play.

Enter Adidas with the TUNiT (pronounced Tune-it) – the world’s first fully customisable football boot, made up of component parts that allows players for the first time to change their boots to suit their game, the pitch or even the time of year.

The new technology will eventually offer 52 boot combinations, primarily from three interchangeable components: the upper, the chassis and the studs. By swapping the component parts, you can make the TUNiT any boot you want it to be – a warm boot, a cool boot, a lightweight boot, a cushioned boot or a soft, hard or firm ground boot. And if you’re fashion conscious, you can even change the colour of your footwear from a choice of black, blue, white, green, red or yellow.

The Adidas group of F50 players will be wearing TUNiT boots from February 2006, with the boot expected to be big new during the World Cup. You can pick up the boots in stores from March as a Start Pack or Premium Pack, priced at £120 and £270 respectively.

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Dave Walker
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