Intel's Viiv finds more partners


Slowly but surely, Intel is building up quite a list of partners to provide content for their Viiv-based PCs. We told you about Google and NBC from the CES. Now they’ve added Sky, Napster and DVD rental company Lovefilm to the team.

Viiv boxes will be based on Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, with the intent of providing a single solution for all digital entertainment, replacing the usual selection of gadgets around the TV, such as a DVD player or set-top box. Downloading content on demand is a key part of this.

Sky is integrating the Sky by broadband service, which allows Sky digital viewers to legally download and watch a range of movies and Sky Sports highlights through a broadband connection at no extra cost. Napster has also adapted its service for Viiv, allowing subscribed members to access its digital musical library and radio stations with support for a minimum 5.1 surround sound. Lovefilm will also provide access to its DVD rental titles as a tailored movie download service. Will you ever leave the sofa again?

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Dave Walker
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